Personalized smartphone case

We can 3D print a smartphone case with a unique design and your name printed on it! Click on the top icon and select your iPhone model.

Personalized night light

Want to personalize your night light with your favorite photo? Let’s help you do this using 3D printing technology!

Personalized photo box

Did you know you can make a personalized photo box using our service. Send us your photos and get a 3D printed photo box!

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Photo 3D printing provides unique and personalized gifts for this holiday season

3D printing is transforming the manufacturing and personal customization. But, you may be surprised to know that photos can be 3D printed!? Pictures above show a 3D printed photo of a portrait which has been backlit by a color changing LED light. The related art to this technique is called lithophane which was developed in […]

3D printed personalized smartphone case inspired by a ceiling architecture

Electronics giants including Apple and Samsung are competing to present the latest and most impressive smart phones each year. But, smartphone case design has been stagnant for most of the time. However, this is changing with the rise and democratization of 3D printing technology. 3D Printed Photos and Gifts is in forefront of this change […]

Photo 3D printing: where engineering meets art

3D printing is changing the landscape in manufacturing and personal customization. But, you may be surprised that it intersects with art too when printing pictures. Pictures above show a tiger face photo along with its 3D printed pictures with and without a light source (from left to right). Few months ago, I got laid off […]

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