3D printed personalized smartphone case inspired by a ceiling architecture

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Electronics giants including Apple and Samsung are competing to present the latest and most impressive smart phones each year. But, smartphone case design has been stagnant for most of the time. However, this is changing with the rise and democratization of 3D printing technology. 3D Printed Photos and Gifts is in forefront of this change by introducing a ceiling architecture inspired smartphone case as shown in the picture above.
I was born in Kashan, a historic city in the central part of Iran which is well known for its rosewater and beautiful rugs. If you have seen a Persian rug, there is a high chance that it was either woven in this city or its design is adapted from artistic design of Kashan rugs. Also, Kashan is the host to several historic houses turned to museums and a beautiful garden called “Fin” famous for its water fountains and bath house. Completed in 1590, the Fin garden is the oldest living garden in Iran and was declared world heritage site in 2012.
In 2009, I visited Iran and had a chance to see the Fin garden and took a lot of pictures from the ceiling of its buildings. Most of those beautiful ceilings are decorated with stunning geometric patterns which are repetitive. These patterns can be programmed into a CAD software. Couple of weeks ago, I was reviewing some of them and one ceiling in particular caught my eye and I thought it can be used to make a great smartphone case. I shared this idea with my friend, Eric Gutenberg, who has a knack in programmatic CAD and he agreed to work on implementation of this idea. A couple of weeks later, he sent me his first design and I was very pleased with his work. After few design iterations, “Kashan” smartphone case was born. The first release includes different versions of iPhone and later Samsung phones will be added. The Kashan case not only provides protection for your smartphone but also its design allows better heat transfer compared to solid cases preventing your phone from overheating. The Kashan smartphone case can be personalized with your first name in the center of case. To order one of these beautiful cases, please click here.

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